On the bare rocks and glaciers


  • Francesco Chiapperini: compositions, clarinets
  • Virginia Sutera: violin
  • Vito Emanuele Galante: trumpet
  • Mario Mariotti: cornet
  • Roger Rota: bassoon
  • Andrea Ferrari: baritone sax

The project’s originally lies in the choice of working with a woodwind section only (except the violin) without involving any percussion or harmonic instrument. The sextet ranges from original songs to reinterpretations of compositions which turn the mountain into the real protagonist of the melodies. The music aims at recreating the harmony of a choir, the Alpine choir indeed, while also twisting and reshaping in into popular themes that celebrate the achievements of men who lived and fought in the mountains, inside and outside the borders. Not only. In literature the mountains have often been associated with spiritual and magic, hence the choice to explore those fields by adding, within the repertoire, both original and rearranged song with draw inspirations from those elements.


On the bare rocks and glaciers (Caligola Records 2021)