Extemporary Vision Ensemble

Nine musicians from Milan playing together a suite dedicated to Massimo Urbani. This great Italian saxophonist was known for his passionate and overpowering horn, for his talent for improvisation and his personal way of playing and rephrasing standards. Here, we want to remember Urbani’ Spirit by playing in a free and evocative stance, because, as himself said, “Avant-garde lies in feelings, not in forms”. And with a scream, commemorating his 1998 “Scream”, we want to shout “Go, Massimo, at a full speed!” – MaxSpeed


Our Redemption (Rudi Records 2015)

The Big Earth

The Big Earth – literally “La Grande Terra” – pays homage to the tradition in an absolute way, in particular to the hand down all the rituals that comes from ancient origins.
The decision to pay tribute to the Puglia and its folklore – understood in terms of the “folk tradition” – born from the need to spread and strengthen at the same time as the peasant culture and marinate have created in the past, thanks also to Spanish rule in southern Italy.